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Body/Building a performance in Het Archief, Den Haag. in collaboration with Staalplaat Sound System. 2002.
photography sequence: Anne Wellmer

TENT. a performance at Just About Now. 2000. photography sequence: Sara Nuytemans.

  • a video still from our jubilee firework display

  • another one. photography: Giles Bennett

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    Kas/Ijs: Video installation

    Playing glass plates with self-invented instruments.

    Performing outside is a BMB con. speciality.

    Exploring the sounds of paper...

    Getting our feet wet...

    Using live electronic sound...

    Sometimes things can go wrong...


    NOTICE. If no photographer is credited, the images are property of BMB con. Otherwise, please credit the photographers if published.

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    a couple of higher-res images here already:

  • A performance in Plasy, Czech Republic. 60k jpeg file.

  • at TENT, Rotterdam.

    This image taken by Sara Nuytemans 455K jpeg file.

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