Justin Bennett.
Born: UK, 20/07/64
Lives and works in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

  • Selected Exhibitions and projects:

    "Vilgiskoddeayovinyarvi" installation, Artefact, STUK, Leuven.
    SALT, Oslo. Film screenings.

    "Blueprint" at Tactile Paths festival, Berlin
    Artist-in-residence, Overtoon, Brussels.
    "Vilgiskoddeayovinyarvi" audiovisual installation, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam.
    "The State of Things" iMal, Brussels
    "COM nu TIES" Argos & ISELP, Brussels.
    "Multiplicity" solo presentation at Stroom Den Haag.

    'Wolf Lake.." audiowalk for Dark Ecology project, Zapolyarny, Russia.
    'Blueprint' at MAZE festival Amsterdam and Rewire Festival Den Haag.
    Mikro. Performances with HC Gilje, Kirkenes & Kristiansand.
    Drawing Front, Quartair, Den Haag.

    Blueprint / Seism. duo exhibition with Pascale Kaparis, Gemak, Den Haag.
    Temporary Gallery, Cologne. Video screenings.
    'The Cost of Wealth' film festival, Brussels.
    "Dark Ecology" residency Norway / Russia.

    'Secret Garden' locative audio work for 'Secret Signals' Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam.
    'Raw Materials' video during 'Gladstone', Gemak Den Haag.
    Duo exhibition with Pascale Kaparis, Galerie Maurits van der Laar, Den Haag.
    'Spectral Analysis' installation during "Weber Woche", Stroom Den Haag.
    'Oracle' and 'Hyperforum' installations in "Open Museum, Open City" Maxxi, Rome.

    'Dream Map' audio walk for IV Mostra 3M de Arte Digital, Sao Paolo.
    'Edgelands' sound installation, 'Vertiges et mythes du périurbain', La Maison Rouge, Paris.
    Hors-Pistes video festival, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
    'Spectral Analysis WG' soundwalk and installation for The Dark Universe, NASA / Sonic Acts, Amsterdam.
    'Stelling van Amsterdam', installation Kunstfort Vijfhuizen.

    Fleeting Visions, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing France.
    'The Residence' a project with Vermeir & Heiremans. Argos Brussels, Extra City Antwerpen & Manifesta, Genk.
    'Ticket to Istanbul' Audio tour, Soundtrackcity, Amsterdam.
    'Telettrofono', Staten Island edition of Stillspotting NYC, Guggenheim. with Matthea Harvey.
    'Shotgun Architecture' solo exhibition at Kunstcentrum Signe, Heerlen.
    'Spectral Analysis' Soundwalk for Kontraste festival, Krems, Austria.

    Orakel, Zurich. Soundwork in public space.
    Invisible Architectures, Newcastle. Performances.
    Art Amsterdam (Barbara Seiler Galerie) solo presentation
    'Situations' P.ART of your life, Zwolle.
    'Sporen' Kunstenlab, Deventer.
    International Film Festival Rotterdam.
    Sensxperiment Festival, Lucena, Spain.

    'Production Line' Solo exhibition, Barbara Seiler Galerie, Zurich.
    'For the Birds' Site Gallery, Sheffield.
    'Ticket to Amsterdam' audiotour CUMA Istanbul
    'For the Birds' Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.
    'Shelter' De Vishal, Haarlem. Loop art fair, Barcelona
    'Chipka' Netwerk, Aalst.
    'My public space' Gemak, Den Haag.
    'Raw Materials' performance at CTM festival, Berlin.
    Festival Primavera a la Habana. Shotgun Architecture (curated by Orquestra del Caos)

    'The City Amplified' solo exhibition, Gemeentemusem Den Haag.
    "Broken English" group exhibition, Seiler + Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Zurich.
    "The Good Life" in collaboration with Ronny Heiremans and Katleen Vermeir. Arnolfini, Bristol.
    "Repondeur" Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
    "Zuidas Symphony" soundwalk for Soundtrackcity Amsterdam.
    "Hoor de Bomen" soundwalk for Vario Mundo, Vathorst, Amersfoort.
    "Klunen" sound for a dance piece by Eva-Cecilie Richardsen, Carte Blanche, Bergen, Norway.
    "Residual Matter" in collaboration with Dot Young and Polly Nash. Shunt, London.
    soundtrack for "Driving Landscapes" by Bart Benschop - MK Gallery, Rotterdam.

    "Shotgun Architecture" P-40, Hamburg. Solo exhibition.
    "Man with a Movie Camera" Live soundtrack at Netwerk, Aalst.
    Performances with BMB con. at W139 and P//AKT, Amsterdam, Zeppelin festival, Barcelona.
    Residency at Vrije Ruimten Zuidas of the Virtual Museum Zuidas, Amsterdam.
    Platform 21, Amsterdam. Vrije Ruimten presentation.
    Second Room, Brussels. Solo exhibition.
    CCNOA, Brussels. Sundial installation (DVD).

    "Oracle" work in public space for "Trans(ient) City", Luxembourg.
    "Drawing Typologies" Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
    "The Well" CD and installations, 10th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey.
    3 month Residency at Platform Garanti, Istanbul.
    "Paulo Post Futurum" Breda's Museum, Breda, NL.
    "Grain" at Grain, Kent UK.
    "Off Screen", Nederlands Institute voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam.
    "Turtle - an anarchic salon", Slade Studios, UCL, London.

    "Ear Appeal" Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna.
    "2 Step" group exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
    "Naturtro" sound for dance performance in collaboration with Eva-Cecilie Richardsen, Carte Blanche, Bergen.
    "Re:Visie" (Nederlands Filmdagen) Centraal Museum Utrecht.
    Series of performances (with BMB con.) for "Neo Beginners" Tent, Rotterdam.
    "CinemaSo" Caixa Forum, Barcelona.
    Gaudeamus Live Electronics Festival, Amsterdam.
    "Sound Souvenirs" Stichting Intro, Maastricht.
    "Just a matter of time" live radiowork for art's birthday with BMB con. (VPRO)
    "Deframing - Ideological spaces and artistic strategies of mental dissent" MIACA, Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan
    Dissonanze 6, Roma.

    "Noise Map" solo exhibition, GEM museum of contemporary art, Den Haag.
    "Shelters" public art commission for Sonic Arts Network, Scarborough, UK.
    "Changing Soundscapes" a public art piece for Leidsche Rijn, with Renate Zentschnig.
    (shown in various public spaces in Leidsche Rijn, and Centraal Museum, Utrecht.)
    2nd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong museum of art, Guangzhou, China.
    "Scenes de vie" installation for Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris.
    "Sundial - Roma" installation for Moorroom, Rome.
    "Green Light" projections of drawings in public space, Amsterdam.
    Soundtrack for "Krets" a dance performance by kreutzerkompani.
    Presentation/performance, De Pont Museum, Tilburg.
    "Demolitions(BCN)" a solo concert, CCCB, Barcelona during "Escena Electronica".

    "Round Table" workshop with theatremakers and artists in Gasthuistheater, Amsterdam.
    Performance tour, Netherlands with BMB con.
    soundtrack for "Een woning in Beirut" - een film van Renate Zentschnig.
    "Social Music" lecture/performance Architecture Association, London.
    Concert, IBA, Barcelona.
    Kraakgeluiden workshop with Grand Mal, Boris Gerrets and Lukas Simonis, Amsterdam.
    Performance tour of Gallicia, Spain with BMB con.
    "Zintuigreizen" performative listening tour for Stroom HCBK, Den Haag.
    july: 7 day Sonic Arts Network workshop "Site-specific installation", Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bretton Hall, UK.
    "Haunted house" - Installation for Close Encounters, Ypenburg, NL.
    "Berlaymont Dreaming" - video installation for Argos festival, Brussels.
    Tour of northern Norway with Kreutzerkompani dance company.
    presentation/performance Centro Santa Monica, Barcelona.
    Beirut Story installation, E-art, Barcelona.

    Transmediale festival, Berlin. Award for work with 242.pilots.
    performances at Lokaal 01, Breda.SelfWare, Graz. Re.sound, Stroud, UK.
    De Boulevard, Den Bosch. Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.
    "crashcourse" Meinebank, Berlin.
    "Ovipool" Performance/Installation for the former Mercati Generali
    during "Sonícity", Rome.
    Artist in residence, Nau Coclea, Camallera, Catalunya.
    LocAlgSon, CCCB, Barcelona.
    soundtrack for the film: Ci vediamo a Cuba by Valerio Jalongo.
    Sound Mirror, a work for public space with Jaap de Jonge.
    (realisation in 2005.)

    "Europa" spatial sound installation, solo exhibition, CCNOA, Brussel.
    Sound for dance performance "Synk" by kreuzer kompanie. performances at Ultima festival in Oslo and Podewil, Berlin.
    "De Stand van Zaken", Stroom HCBK, Den Haag.
    Performances with video art collective 242.pilots, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Bruxelles, Bern, Oslo.
    2-Step. group exhibition CCNOA, Brussel.
    Performances Wesleyan University, Connecticut and Roulette, NYC.
    Research residency at Metronom Lab, Barcelona.
    Installation/performance with BMB con. Het Archief, Den Haag.
    audio guide for NDSM Werf, Amsterdam with Renate Zentschnig.

    "Something is Rotten in the State of Europe." Lokaal 01, Antwerpen
    "Breeze of Air - Hortus conclusus", Witte de With, Rotterdam.
    Soundwork in railway station, CityJam, Hooghuis, Arnhem
    Software and images for "Travelling Barefoot". a project by Anne Wellmer.
    Zeppelin soundart festival, CCCB, Barcelona.
    Exhibition of drawings, Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag
    "Borderhack" online and Tijuana, Mexico.
    "Blind Date in Shanghai" (with Cilia Erens) soundtheatre for the visually handicapped, Rotterdamse Schouwburg.
    Solo performances with soundscapes and electronics, Black Cube, Amsterdam and Circus Maximus, Utrecht.
    "rumours/resonances" an audio guide for Den Haag and exhibition: "You Never Walk Alone", Stroom HCBK, Den Haag.
    "Mutations", Raffinerie Bruxelles and TNProbe, Tokyo.

    SITE (wasteland) De Verschijning, Tilburg (solo)
    "Just About Now" TENT, Rotterdam.
    "Urban Rumours" Fri-Art, Fribourg.
    "DT" Stroom HCBK, Den Haag.
    "Magnetic City" Box 23, Barcelona.
    "Mutations" Arc en Reve, Bordeaux.
    "Notational systems for urban situations" TENT, Rotterdam.
    SITE (BCN) at Theater Korzo, Den Haag.
    "Fiber Jelly" network performance as part of net.condition, ZKM Karlsruhe.

    "Ocean" A radio project for the 1000 Plateaux Festival, Volksbuhne, Berlin.
    "Technosphere" soundtrack for the artificial life installation at the National Museum of Film and Photography in Bradford, UK. in collab. with Anne Wellmer.
    Galerie Seefrau, Den Haag, sound and film festival.
    "Reconstructions" installation, Het Paard, Den Haag.
    "HD High Density" Neuen Gesellschaft Für Bildende Kunst, Berlin.
    "Drift." The Lighthouse, Glasgow.
    "En Red 0 soundscapes" Centre de Cultura Contemporània Barcelona
    "Radio Temporaire" Genève.

    "Soundhouse" De Vaalserberg, Rotterdam (solo)
    "Graven-Bewaren..." (touring exhibtion Kunstgebouw Rijswijk)
    Lokaal 01, Breda (solo - 6 months of soundworks for radio broadcast)
    "750 meter Den Haag", Quartair, Den Haag
    "The Eye and the Ear" Duende, Rotterdam.
    a limited special edition of the cd "Demolitions" commissioned by the Stadscollectie, Haags Gemeentemuseum.
    "Try Out" Stroom HCBK, Den Haag.
    Multiples exh. Sandberg institute, Hoorn.

    Stroom HCBK, Den Haag. (solo)
    "Publiek" De Veemvloer, Amsterdam (with Albert van Westing)
    Hedah, Maastricht (with Aline Thomassen)
    "Een linnen tas..." Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.
    "A Desiring Machine", Ambachtshuis, Voorschoten.
    "De Verborgen Stad", De Vleeshal, Middelburg.
    "Planologische Hallucinaties", Nederlands Architectuur Instituut, Rotterdam.

    `Ship of Fools' De Veemvloer, Amsterdam.
    `How is everything?' Landesmuseum Innsbruck.
    `State of Mind' CBK Rotterdam.
    Bovenkamer, stroom hcbk Den Haag.
    Fringe Film and Video Festival, Edinburgh.
    "Fragmentation" Triple X Amsterdam.
    "Swarm" PREMA arts centre Gloucester, UK, and Digital Dreams, Newcastle, UK (with Jane Prophet).

    Video Positive, Liverpool.
    `De Dronken Boot' Maldoror, Den Haag.
    Bandits-Mages, Bourges.
    `How is everything?' Wiener Secession Vienna, Kunstbunker Nürnberg.

    Stadscollectie, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag.
    Artist in Residence, Angle centre for contemporary Art, St Paul 3 Chateaux, Drome, France.

    World Wide Video Centre, Den Haag
    BKC, Den Haag
    AVE Festival, De Gele Rijder, Arnhem
    Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.
    Galerie Maurits van der Laar, Den Haag

    World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag
    Deutsche Videokunstpreis, Karlsruhe
    Panorama Europeo del Video Arte, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid
    Kijkhuis, Den Haag
    8th Fringe festival of film and video, Edinburgh.

  • Teaching / lectures:

    1987: visiting lecturer, Fine Art Department, Sheffield City Polytechnic.
    1989-96: teaching at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag. (sonology, and image and sound departments).
    1990: Amsterdam Summer University, Electronic Music course.
    1994- 95: Akademie Maastricht, Audiovisual department: workshops on sound for video.
    1994: University Lüneburg, sound workshop.
    1996: Stroom HCBK, Den Haag: illustrated lecture on own work.
    Symposium Korzo, Den Haag: music in the 1980's.
    Symposium Triple X Amsterdam: interdiciplinary art.
    MediumxMessage Symposium Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: New media.
    1997: University, Leiden, lecture `sound, space & architecture'.
    1998: "The Eye and the Ear" Duende, Rotterdam. lecture-performance on cities, sound and architecture.
    1999: Visiting artist programme in schools, Zuid-Holland.
    Workshops on audio space, department of Photography, Royal academy of art, Den Haag.
    2000: Guest lecturer Multimedia dept. London Institute & Architecture dept. University of Stuttgart.
    2001: CCCB Barcelona, artist's talk.
    2002: Guest lecturer (deplacements urbains) Beaux Arts de Rennes.
    artist's talk at CARTE, University of Westminster, London
    workshops in sound and interactive programming, Slade college of Art, London.
    workshops and presentations Wesleyan University,Middletown USA, University of East Anglia, Norwich UK, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford UK.
    2003: Guest lecturer architecture department University of Rome.
    workshop music department, UEA Norwich.
    Artists Talk, Nau Coclea, Camallera.
    2004: "Social Music" Architecture Association, London.
    Guest Lectures at London Institute and Harrow School of Art
    Sonic Arts Network workshop "Site-specific installation" Yorkshire Sculpture park, Bretton Hall, UK
    2005: Guest lecturer, Bergen school of Fine Art and Willem de Kooning Akademie, Rotterdam.
    2006: Sound workshop, Kunstakademiet, Bergen, Norway.
    Lectures at London Institute, Harrow School of Art, Slade school of Art, London.
    Sound workshop for CABK, Zwolle.
    2007: lecture: computer programming for sound, University of Delft.
    2008: Architecture Academy, Amsterdam (workshop with Roelf Toxopeus).
    Royal College of Art, Den Haag, Willem de Kooning Akademie, Rotterdam.
    2009: guest lecturer Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.
    2010: "Field Studies" workshop, London Metropolitan University.
    2011: “Tuned City” symposium, Tallinn, Estonia.
    "Placeholders" symposium, Bergen, Norway
    2014: Audio Mobility Symposium, Locus Sonus, Aix-en-Provence.
    2015: workshops Master Artistic Research, KABK Den Haag.
    2016: presentation "Writing Sound Art" Society for Artist Research conference, Den Haag.
    Since 2008 Faculty member, Institute of Sonology, Den Haag.

  • Curating:
    Curator screening programme World Wide Video Festival 1995, 96, 97. / HEDAH 500 RPM cd, 1998 / Soundroute - bus journeys around 5 locations in Den Haag as part of the theatre project "Wonderbaarlijk Den Haag" 1998 /Guest curator screening programme Impakt Festival Utrecht, 1999. / Guest curator Global Attic / Sonic Attic Festival, Rotterdam 2000. / Oeverloos, an open-air art project along the Hollands Ijssel, in collaboration with BMB con. 2001. / Advisor City4Winds internet project, 2003. / Sonic West, a project with Soundtrackcity in Amsterdam. 2017.

  • Recent Discography:

    'BMB con.1' C60 cassette (BMB con.) 1990 BMB con. / 'site' C15 cassette 1991 JB. / 'Accelerator/Accumulator #1 the burning' C30 cassette 1991 JB. / BMB con.2' C60 cassette (BMB con.) 1991 BMB con. / 'De Kapel II' C45 cassette 1991 Maldoror. / 'Ocean' C60 cassette 1992 JB. / 'Radioworks' C30 cassette 1993 JB. / Toybox CD-rom 1995 Moviola. / BMB con.7 CD 1995 Staalplaat. / `Sonderangebot' CD (BMB con.) Staalplaat. / / BMB con #8 CD single, "Masterclass" CD BMB con. , `sonambiente' 12" LP 1997 BMB con. Staalplaat. / `Tanger' CD single, `cityscape' CD-extra, 1997, Staalplaat / Hedah 500 RPM CD Hedah / "Demolitions" CD Spore records CD001 1998. / Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra CD 1999 Perdition Plastics / BMB con. #9 CD single 1999 / 'Reconstructies' CD Single CELL 1999 / "Sound Mirror" CD BMB con. 1999 / "Dervish" CD sporeCD002 2000/ "Ocean" CD sporeCD003 2000 / "Just About Now" CD V2 2000. / LoopERS 12" LP ERS / Variious CD Intransitive / Sonic City CD Arc en Reve / "Magnetic City" CD sporeCD004 2001 / Grand Mal: "Perfect Fit" CD Unsounds 2002. / "Live in Bruxelles", 242.Pilots DVD 2002 / "BMBcon #10. CD BMB con. 2003. / Kreutzermusik compilation CD 2003. / Kraakgeluiden compilation CD, Unsounds 2003. / "Noise Map" CD sporeCD005 2003. / "Surround Music" with Fiber Jelly, DVD-audio ZKM/Wergo 2004. / "Cacerolada" LP. Stichting Mixer 2004 / Idroscalo d'Autore compilation 2004. /"Beirut Story" EP Spore 2004. / "Anthology of noise and Electronic Music 3" Sub Rosa 2004. / "This Place is Dreaming" compilation CD, Argos, Brussels 2004. / "The Well" CD, Spore 2007. / "Wildlife" CD, Spore 2008. / Shotgun Architecture 10" vinyl, Onomatopee 2008. / 58T 12" vinyl 58T, Brussel, 2009. / “Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music” 1999-2010, MCN, 2011 / Chipka 2x 12" vinyl, Spore 2011. / Things a Mutant Needs To Know 2x CD & Book, Unsounds 2014.

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  • Education:

    1982-1983: Foundation course, Cumbria College of Art and Design.
    1983-1986: B.A Fine Art. Sheffield City Polytechnic, studied sound, performance, sculpture, video
    1988-1989: Sonology course, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag.
    1991-1992: Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.

  • Justin Bennett is a member of the performance group BMB con.