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Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains. 3 part audio-visual installation. 2016-17 also available as a single-screen short film.

Commissioned by Dark Ecology and Sonic Acts. Filmed on location at the Kola Superdeep Borehole in northern Russia.

A work about listening, ecology, science and loneliness.

Blueprint 2015-17.

An hand-drawn animated film with live improvised music. The film acts as a score for the musicians.
The documentation video shows a version performed by the MAZE ensemble.

Studies for Blueprint 2014-15

Ideal City 2014. cyanotype. 135 x 40 cm.

Sketches 2014-15. cyanotypes & mixed media.

Questions 2015. cyanotype on manuscript paper.

Hyper-Forum. 8 channel audio, at Open Museum Open City, MAXXI Rome, 2014.

A composition made with 3d audio recordings of public spaces in Rome.

Oracle 2.0. text-sound piece at Open Museum Open City, MAXXI Rome, 2014.

Oracle 2.0 speaks predictions, good advice and observations when a visitor sits on the bench.

Raw Materials. Video, 2011.

Brunelleschi's Mirror. Video, 2011.

Shotgun Architecture. Solo show at Kunstcentrum Signe in Heerlen. September 2012.

multi-channel sound installation with prints created by pistol shots fired in public spaces.

Telettrofono, a soundwalk for Staten Island in collaboration with Matthea Harvey.
Part of the Guggenheim's stillspotting NYC project. Summer 2012.

this soundwalk guides visitors along the waterfront on a journey in search of the inventor Antonio Meucci and his wife Esterre, who is rumoured to have been a mermaid.

Solo exhibition at Art Amsterdam 2011 presented by Barbara Seiler Galerie

exhibition view with "Engine 2" sound sculpture, drawings, etc.

Detail "Engine 2" (metal, wood, stereo sound)

Detail untitled drawing, ink on paper, 250 x 65 cm

"Chipka" etching. edition of 10 (with LP)

"Chipka" LP. 2 12" records, screenprint, edition of 100

Production Line - Solo exhibition at Barbara Seiler Galerie , Zurich. Aug-Oct 2010

exhibition view with "steam" photo sequence and "Engine" sound sculpture.

untitled (steam) 10 photographs 20 x 30 cm, edition of 3.

"Engine" sound sculpture. metal, loudspeakers, 2 channel audio.

two of six Studies for "Production Line" ink on music paper.

"Production Line" pencil on paper 100 x 460 cm

untitled (kitchen shelves) shelves, vibrating glasses.

"Factory" pencil on paper, 195 x 150 cm.

"Factory" - detail.

Chipka - Group exhibition at Netwerk, Aalst.

"Overlay (Chipka)" pencil on paper, 55 x 250 cm

exhibition view with "Overlay" and in the background, "Undercurrent (Chipka)"
four photographs with four channel audio on DVD.

The City Amplified - Publication - Stroom Den Haag.

A book with texts by Rahma Khazam and Freek Lomme, the complete text of the video
"City of Progress", and many images. In dutch and english.
Publication also includes the Pull-out silent release B M B con. 11 (Shhhh).

The City Amplified - exhibition - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Showing works, mostly from the last two years, including:

Sundial: accellerated 24 hour recordings from nine cities.

Black Mass 2009, graphite on paper.

"City of Progress" a hand-drawn animation charting the growth,
changes and eventual destruction of a city. HD video, 11 minutes

Shotgun Architecture 2008. Prints, video documentation and edition.

Zuidas Symphony, a soundwalk around the Zuidas, Amsterdam.