Texts available as pdf files

Noise Map (2003)

Part facsimile sketchbook, part manifesto, Noise Map collects recent drawings, texts and photographs. It contains essays on noise, Musique Concrete, field recording, the correspondences between music and architecture and between sound and image.

Shotgun Diary (2009)

Written during residencies in Amsterdam and Barcelona, this text explores the relations between art and politics and traces the development of the work "Shotgun Architecture". It was included in "Site of Sound 2: Of Architecture and the Ear" (Labelle & Martinho eds.)

Listening to the archive (2011)

Written for “Music, Space and Architecture”. Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam. 2012. This text alternates descriptions of sounds from the artist's archive with comments on techniques and approaches to field recording and listening.

Siren Song (2017)

Produced during a residency at Overtoon, Brussels, "Siren Song" investigates the place of sirens in the sonic environment with text and image. A version of this text appears in the Q-O2 publication “The Middle Matter: sound as interstice” 2019.

Public space as acoustic territory (2019)

This paper was presented at the Media Art Histories 2019 conference Re:sound in Aalborg, Denmark. It looks at sound work in urban space by myself and others, focussing on one of my favourite forms - that of the audio walk, my current doubts about this form, and contrasts this form with other approaches including the Soundtrackcity project "Sonic West".