Radio New Babylon. A collection of sound works adressing the legacy of Constant Nieuwenhuys.

Radio Con, radio series by BMB con.

The Constellation, a podcast for viral times.

New audio works and re-releases now available on Bandcamp

Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains.

now available as a single-screen short film.

In Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi we follow Viktor Koslovsky, a scientist still working at the otherwise abandoned Kola Super-Deep Borehole, a geological research station "at the border of everything" in north-west Russia. He tells of the history of this former cold-war project and of his current research which he describes as "listening to the past in order to hear the future". The project exists as an audio-visual installation and as a single-screen short film.



Residency at Overtoon, Brussels.

May - December 2017. Supported by Overtoon, Jubilee, Stroom Den Haag.

Filters for listening to the city.